About the iNaturalist Store

Posted by iNaturalist Team on

For years, people have been asking for iNaturalist shirts. And stickers. And hats. And for years, we've only been able to print a few here and there and distribute them in person. 

We wanted a better solution. We wanted a way to easily ship iNaturalist merchandise all over the world, without turning our small office at the California Academy of Sciences into a t-shirt distribution center. We don't want to become an apparel company, we just want people to be able to show their support for iNaturalist.

We needed a solution that allowed for cost-effective international distribution, multiple currencies, and minimal overhead (especially in staff time). After much research, we hope we have a solution thanks to the wonders of modern ecommerce: print on demand drop shipping. 

How it works

When you place an order, a shirt of your specified color and size is printed with the iNaturalist logo in the USA in either California or Kentucky. Then it is shipped directly to you from the warehouse. We never see it or touch it. There's no inventory. You get emails updating you on the status of your order. And hopefully it arrives in a timely manner!

We're launching with just t-shirts for now, but plan to add other high-demand products like hats, assuming the shirts go smoothly.